March Break Crime Preventions Safety Tips

The Woodstock Police would like to share some safety tips to our community for March Break. 

For Travellers;

  • Check travel warnings
  • Let your bank/credit card companies know you are travelling
  • Limit cash and use travelers cheques
  • Purchase a money belt
  • Make a copy of your passport and keep it in a separate place
  • Do not announce your travel plans on social media
  • Make sure you secure your home, use light timers, have a friend or family member ensure snow removal and newspapers are picked up so it appears that someone is home
  • Plan your route to airports and destinations so you are not rushed
  • Keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road
  • For those who are staying close to home
  • Remember that there may be more people out walking, cycling and driving
  • Slow down take your time and be aware of pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.        
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