Wednesday, January 06, 2021

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SPC Jackson



SPC Jackson


Community Response Unit

Woodstock, ON (January 6, 2021) – The Woodstock Police Service has officially deployed their newest policing team, the Community Response Unit (CRU) to start the 2021 year off right.

CRU is a team comprised of a sergeant and two constables who will be actively working alongside the Core Beat, Traffic, Community Service, Uniform Patrol and other Woodstock Police Service units. The addition of the CRU team will provide the means for the Woodstock Police Service to directly address the community’s needs in a more focused manner.

CRU is designed to work fluidly and in collaboration with the community to determine the communities needs to respond with both proactive and reactive methods. This unit is responsible for anticipating, recognizing and appraising areas of crime risk and problems within the community and initiating planned action to reduce the risk and/or problem.

“The CRU team is here to work collaboratively with the community to determine its needs and execute solutions. Our goal is to improve and increase proactive resolutions to crime in Woodstock.” CRU Sergeant, Adam DiCola

Currently the community is experiencing a desire for increased safety and crime reduction in the downtown area. As a result, this week the CRU team has been working along side Core Beat and Traffic officers in the downtown area to increase presence and combat ongoing criminal activity in the area.

CRU Unit (image left to right): Cst. Ernst, Sgt. DiCola, Cst Mutsaers