Protection Through Prevention

Special Constable Shaylan Jackson
Community Service Officer
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One of the primary objectives of the Community Services Special Constable (CSO) is to provide crime prevention and public safety education to the community. The CSO delivers educational programs to the 14 Elementary Schools in the City of Woodstock. Some of the programs are the Values, influences and peers (V.I.P/grade 6), an Introduction to Police, Bike Safety, Railway Safety, Bus Safety, Internet Safety and Anti Bullying Safety. The CSO is in schools to engage, mentor, guide and empower the youth of our community to be positive contributing citizens of the City of Woodstock.

The Community Service Officer also partners with community groups to provide crime prevention education and strategies to Service Clubs, business owners, Seniors Groups and Children’s groups. Some of the programs delivered are personal safety, fraud prevention and station tours.

The CSO runs the YIPI (Youth in Policing Initiative) summer student program, Kops and Kids summer camp and Oxford Race Against Drugs.

The CSO is an integral part of the Oxford County Injury Prevention Team (OCIPT) which is a partnership of services to educate the public with Injury prevention strategy campaigns.

The CSO is the Crimestoppers Liason for the Woodstock Police Service. Easter Egg

Constable Angela Wilson
Highschool Resource Officer
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Constable Angela Wilson is assigned to the full-time position of High School Resource Officer. The goal of this position is to work with students, teachers, school administrators, School Board officials, parents, other police officers and the community to establish and maintain healthy, safe schools. The second, and equally important role, is to bridge the gap between students and the police. This role includes connecting with the students as a mentor and role model, providing an approachable means to communicate with the police in a less formal, non -threatening environment.

The position is shared equally among the five (5) secondary schools and two (2) transitional schools within the City of Woodstock, having a total population of over 3,000 students. Since its start up, the role of High School Resource Officer has included both enforcement duties, as well as engaging relationship building opportunities. In this capacity it was possible to facilitate the creation of Justice Circles, which required the accused student to sit down with the victim, parents and members of the school staff to facilitate students in problem solving and in facing consequences for their actions or decisions.

This role also provides a direct link between our Police Service and the secondary schools in developing their emergency lock down procedures. To further provide a safe school environment, Constable Wilson has had the opportunity to participate in risk and threat assessment activities with school officials. These exercises have proven invaluable to maintaining a safe school environment.

Constable Wilson has partnered with other local organizations such as the Oxford County Drug Task Force, the Youth Advisory Committee and the Youth Justice Committee. This High School Resource Officer’s position and associated programs are vital to ensuring the continued well-being of our youth, who are clearly the future of our community.

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